Aacua 4-in-1 Bath Towel - Pink Trim in White Fabrics

Maamam Aacua 4-in-1 Bath Towel with Pink Trim in White Fabrics

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aacua is the new generation bath towel. A unique 4-in-1 apron, towel, baby wrap for infants and bath wrap for babies and toddlers, it transforms bath time with your children into a more relaxing, safe and fun experience!

As an absorbent apron, aacua frees up both hands so that parents can provide 100% attention to their baby. When bath time is complete, parents, simply wrap their baby with the apron without the need to reach for an additional towel.

As a towel, aacua's high quality 100% cotton terry absorbs water quickly while remaining extra soft to a child's skin.

Parents can wrap their babies with aacua immediately after their bath to keep them warm and cozy.

As child grows, aacua converts into a comfortable bathwrap and avoids the need of a bulky towel that can be tripped on.

With colored tabs that guide you through the instructions, aacua is easy to use!

Note: aacua is not meant to be used as sleepwear. It is only meant to keep babies warm for a short period of time after their bath. Babies should never be left unattended when wearing aacua.

Product Details:

Made in USA
100% cotton - except for colored tabs and fasteners
33" X 33" approx.

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