Babymoov - Lovenest Breathable Mesh

Babymoov - Lovenest Breathable Mesh

Babymoov  Babymoov  Babymoov  

Created and patented by a french and well-known pediatrician, the Lovenest is the original ergonomic headrest: its special inclination and shape guarantee pressure is distributed over the child's skull. Everything does not press on the back of his head, thereby allowing baby to keep a nice round head without disturbing his comfort and movements during his sleeping.


  • This ergonomic head support is very comfortable thanks to its specific heart-shape
  • Fits with any bed, travel cot, baby rockers, and pushchairs
  • Washable fabric surface
  • The breathable fabric ensures good ventilation during baby's sleep

Size: 24 x 23 x 3 cm

Price: $21.00
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