Moby Wrap - Moderns

Moby Wrap - Moderns


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Moby Wrap

This is a GREAT STUFF!!! I still remember when I need to carry my premmie for check up and I was all frustrated and don't know what to get to bring her out, a regular baby carrier was just too big for her size. Nurses and doctors in NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) always mentioned about Kangaroo Care and kangaroo hold and suggested that we can get a large tee and just try to hold the baby close to mommy's chest, keep it warm and make the baby feel safe, skin-to-skin with mommy's love but I was completely out of clue. A large Tee seems to be a bit insecure but I was so thankful that a friend of mine sent me a moby wrap, is very secure, nice and soft, user friendly and whenever I encounter problem with tying it and I can just surf on youtube for nice and clear demo. I impressed the medical staff in the hospital as they found it's a great stuff, nice and balance; which also keep mom and baby warm from the breeze. They even suggested all NICU mom should consider buying one (unfortunately is not so easy to get in Asia countries) I don't even need a cardigan when I am in moby wrap and so did my little one. Is great to carry it all around the world perhaps just a bit hot if you use it outdoor during summer time in Asia countries. Moby Wrap? I just LOVE it!!!