Aqueduck™ Aqua Faucet Extender

Aqueduck™ Aqua Faucet Extender

Aqua  Aqua  

• Portable
• Easy to use
• Easy to clean
• No BPA or PVC
• No Phthalates
• Fits most faucets

Free Tattoo Included
2 years & up
Made in Taiwan

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A Wonderful Product!

The faucet extender is such a handy tool for my little one! Even with the help of a stepping stool, my toddler just isn't tall enough to reach the water running from the regular faucet. This extender is the perfect solution and makes hand... washing FUN for both mommy and the kiddie. The extender can be installed and removed easily. I usually take it out after my boy finishes using it. A simple and practical product that you won't regret getting! Highly recommended!